Contract logistics

Contract logistics
at Klumpp + Müller
Customized solutions for your logistics requirements


Internal logistics and storage
at Klumpp + Müller

We see ourselves as a modern logistics service provider. In addition to organising conventional transport, our range of services includes customised overall solutions according to your needs. Individual tasks require precise analysis, planning and implementation – let us help you!

Contract logistics

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of logistics

We create solution-oriented analyses for your logistics processes. With know-how and many years of experience, we develop an innovative, customised concept for process-optimised, smooth operations within the value chain.

Analysis of internal processes
Realisation of logistics concepts
Advice on alternative modes of transport

Contract logistics

Open Customs Warehouse (OZL)

Our open bonded warehouse considerably expands our customers’ room for manoeuvre, especially if the final destination of the goods has not yet been determined at the time of import. In addition, the option of storing the goods for an indefinite period of time is associated with significant financial advantages:

Customs duty and import tax are only levied when the goods are removed
No import duties are payable on re-export to non-EU countries
Interest benefits are achieved by delaying the input duties


Individual requirements?
We offer additional services

Contract logistics

Covered storage areas

With our own storage capacities and modern warehouse management software, all options are open to our customers. Demand-oriented storage/retrieval and order picking, e.g. according to batch, best-before date or serial numbers, as well as customer-specific storage according to FIFO and LIFO, are familiar standards for us.

7,500 m² open block hall with 12 m room height - Operation with 9t forklift possible
4,500 m² open block hall with 12 m room height - operation with 4t forklift possible
1,500 m² closed video-monitored block storage with 4 ton crane runway
2,500 m² enclosed lightweight hall for block storage
10,000 FP storage spaces in the high-bay warehouse
2,200 FP spaces in the shuttle warehouse

Contract logistics

Uncovered storage areas

For handling and storage of oversized, overlong or heavy goods, open spaces are available in the Hafenstrasse handling facility. Bulk goods or weather-insensitive goods can also be handled there in large quantities. These areas can be operated by crane as well as forklift and have direct access to a siding.

Block storage on an area of 20,000m²
Crane system with 8 tons & 50 tons lifting capacity
Operation with forklift up to 9 tons load capacity
Direct connection to the waterways
Several sidings for wagon groups and for block trains



Klumpp + Müller – together with Haeger & Schmidt Logistics – is a partner of ETK Euro Terminal Kehl GmbH and can thus offer a complete portfolio of services related to container logistics. Due to its location in the port of Kehl, ships and trains can also be handled at night and on weekends by arrangement.

22 container crane bridges of 40 t load capacity each
Quay length 370 m, of which 200 m with sheet pile wall directly under the crane facilities
2 railway sidings (300m & 400m)
Reefer connections available


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