Corona virus – Requirements and restrictions for european transports – 31st of march 2020

Dear Valued Customer and Business Partner,

herewith we would like to inform you about the actual situation due to COVID-19, concerning european groupage traffic.


As already announced, we consolidated our groupage departures due to the fact that the majority of industrial and commercial enterprises is closed at the moment.
Therefore we cannot guarantee any specific leadtimes for shipments to Italy at the moment.
The minimum transit-time is actual 4-5 workdays.


The situation in Spain is now that the vast majority of all work that is not concluded „essential“ has been ceased.
Therefore we estimate a massive loss of transportorders to and from spain.
This has a direct impact on our lead-times to Spain, which will increase unfortunately.
Nevertheless our partners are very keen on making all deliveries and collections as soon as possible.


Please notice that last week a new law has been enacted so that on PODs a signature cannot longer been demanded.
Consequently there won’t be signed PODs for groupage deliveries to France for the next couple of weeks or months.
The impact on any insurance issues we cannot comment at this time.

General requirements and restrictions, valid until further notice:

Please speak to all of your customers and suppliers before you entrust us with the transport, whether they are open or whether they are able to receive or send goods.

For all shipments a contact person and telephone number is absolutely necessary.

Please note that any shipments that can’t be delivered due to unforeseen closure of the recepient will be sent back to sender immediately and will be charged to the sender.

Furthermore, only approximate information on transit times can currently be provided for the whole of Europe, these lead times are not guaranteed.

The European products „NightLineEurope Priority“, „NightLineEurope Fix“ and „NightLineEurope Next Day“ unfortunately are not available until further notice.

For very urgent shipments, please contact your contact person in advance, we will be happy to find a solution for you.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Kind Regards
Meilleures Salutations

Your team from Klumpp + Müller